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Tips for Psychic Affiliate Marketers

Tips for Psychic Affiliate Marketers

Many people just getting started are curious about tips for psychic affiliate marketers that can make them start making money faster. The fact of the matter is that...

Hate Psychic Banner Ads? Try Text Links!

Hate Psychic Banner Ads? Try Text Links!

One of the most important aspects of your website or blog is how it looks. Some of you might decide you hate psychic banner ads when promoting the program due to...

Can This Program Work for My Blog?

Can This Program Work for My Blog?

We’ve received several emails from people wondering if this program can work for my blog. I’d like to start by saying that bloggers now make up a huge...

Offer Palm Reading Services Online

Offer Palm Reading Services Online

Want to offer an exciting new service to your site visitors? Start offering palm reading services online right from your website. Never before has there been a way...

Using Ads Tailored to Your Site

Using Ads Tailored to Your Site

One of the most overlooked features of this psychic affiliate program are the various ad types designed and ready for you to use. Many programs offers graphics for...


Attract potential customers even faster with the easy to use marketing tools provided to you with the program. Everything from modern eye catching banners to live streaming feeds – you’ll have all the best tools at your disposal.

Marketing tools

Marketing Tools for Psychic Webmasters

You’ll have no problem getting those new customers with these tools!

Link Codes

Take your pick from high converting text links and customized landing pages that will suit your visitors. You decide where you want them to go and then it’s as easy as pasting them to your website or blog.

Attention Grabbing Banners

Professionally designed and they know just how to catch their attention. Choose from all sorts of different banner sizes and colors to ensure you have the right graphics to compliment your site.

Live Feeds and iFrames

Bring the psychics right to your site! Show live streaming cams from the experts available online. There is nothing that shows off the quality of the service then showing your site visitors live streaming examples before their very eyes.

Free Chat on Your Site & More

Get them interacting with the psychics without ever having to leave your site plus get access to XML Feeds, Faux Chats and more.

These are just a few of the marketing tools available to you. Access them all from your account anytime you need them. Not only will you be promoting the best psychic affiliate program available but you’ll be provided with the best tools as well!



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